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After two decades of painstaking research, the Uttar Pradesh Directorate of Geology and the Mining and Geological Survey of India has discovered two goldmines — one each at Son Pahadi and Hardi village — in the state that could collectively possess 3,350 tons of gold ore estimated at Rs 12 lakh crore.


The current estimates are approximately five times the current gold reserves of India which is around 626 tonnes. If the rumours hold true then India would come to the second spot of gold reserves of the world after the US which has the highest reserve estimated at 8133.5 tonnes as estimated by World’s Gold Council’s (WGC) data. Currently, Germany holds the second spot with 3366 tonnes.


Speaking to reporters, Prithivi Mishra, who has worked for the Geological Survey of India and retired in 2011, said the gold reserve in the region is divided into two parts. As per the official letter of the Uttar Pradesh Directorate of Geology and Mining, 2,943.26 tonnes of gold reserves is said to be at Son Pahadi, while 646.15 kg gold is said to be in the Hardi block. An official had also revealed at the time of his retirement that there was a rock made of gold, which is almost 1 km long, 18 metres high and 15 metres broad.

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History of sonbhadra

Above all, the work for finding reserves in Sonbhadra started in the year 1992-93 after the Central Geological Survey of India took over. It was reportedly the British who first initiated the process to find the gold reserve in the Sonbhadra region.

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Most Noteworthy, the state may now receive a huge windfall after the auction of the gold reserve. The UP government has already started the process for the allocation of blocks, where the yellow metal is said to have been found. Above all, 9-member team of officials, led by Mining officer-in-charge of the district, Vijay Kumar Maurya reached the block to hold discussions with the forest officials and revenue officials for the demarcation of the block where the gold mine has been spotted.“Demarcation will be followed by e-tendering for mining contracts and mining will commence,” said a part of the team.

The government has also constituted a seven-member team for the auctioning of these blocks through the e-tendering process. The team will be geo-tagging the entire region and will submit its report to the Directorate of Geology and Mining, Lucknow, by February 22.

sonbhadra mines

The Moment of Truth

Finally, Social media is at it again. Similar to the truth behind the story of Srinivasa Gowda, hyped by Social media as the Indian Usain Bolt. He got pushed to national trials from Tweets from High Profile people including Anand Mahindra. People got carried away by emotions and people failed to delve into reality.

The actual statement issued by GSI for Sonbhadra
The actual statement issued by GSI for Sonbhadra

Moreover “Such data was not given by anybody from GSI… GSI has not estimated such kind of vast resource of gold deposits in Sonbhadra district,” GSI Director General (DG) M Sridhar told PTI in Kolkata this evening.

Therefore, approximately only 160 Kg of Gold from the total reserves of 52806.25 tonnes of the ore could get derived. Beware of the fake news koala has got it covered for you.