Alphabet has started to find its GOOGOL 

This decade resembles to be a prominent one for all the tech giants or the ones who are associated with technological dealing on day to day basis like Tesla, who became the most valuable US automaker. And now the parent company of google seems to has got the membership of the elitist club of being a trillion-dollar company. This day has finally arrived after being in the business for just about 22 years. 

Its rivals such as Amazon (*AMZN stock price of $1877.94), Apple (*APPL stock price of $315.24) and Microsoft (*MSFT stock price of $166.17) had achieved this spot long past. Apple was the opening member of this elitist club. 

So let’s consider a step back and see how this day became reality. 

Going Back in 2019

Last year was a blow-off for Google, the company was in huge turmoil. Their employees were turning their back on the company. Google was suffering from workplace harassment. Their employees were opposing their involvement in the military project. Pixel 4 was a bust. The device had leaked all its specifications before it even came near to the actual launch date. And recently the Sergin Brian and Larry Page resign from their post making Sundar Pichai the new CEO of the alphabet.

Google's Current Valuation

But all of this is now past. Today Alphabet touched its all-time high of *$1450.16 (Yahoo Finance). 

(Image: Apple Stock) 

Analyst says that Alphabet stocks showed this bullish rally reason being the company’s newly appointed CEO, Sundar Pichai. Pichai was already the CEO of Google, which included the results from the company’s core activities such as search, advertising, YouTube and Android. But he had to report to Page, who at that time oversaw other businesses which made long-term bets on experimental technology such as self-driving cars by its subsidiary Waymo which was under Google until 2016 and then under alphabet when Page became the CEO of the parent company. Or Google Wings the first drone delivery services. But now he in charge of the whole conglomerate. But still, Page and Brin have control over most of the company’s voting shares, giving them significant influence in major decisions.

What Now?

Current Facebook's Stock Performance

So now the soon to be the member of this elites club to 13 digit valuations company is Facebook (*FB stock trading at $221.77) with the total market capitalization is *$632.433B. (Yahoo Finance)

(Image:Apple Stock)

But this may be difficult with Mark Zuckerberg always landing into trouble with Feds or the Congress. He might be the Ex-Youngest Billionaire but he is not the one to keep himself out of trouble.

Word Of Advice

Google is a conglomerate that keeps in rejuvenating its self and always aims for products or services, which might improve your life. If you might ever get a chance to visit the Google lab their you might find many alpha testing products which might help you to live your life in better conditions. And this company has what it take to reach the number one spot of the most elitist club of the market cap of 13 digit value. So if you don’t own stock in this company then you must buy as soon as possible as its EPS(TTM) is $46.60 and on 03 Feb 2020 after the market close Google is going to announce its earring for the fiscal Quarter ending Dec 2019. So it’s the correct time to buy those shares.