In the era of artificial intelligence, there are no limits to its application and there is no established pinnacle of what humans can achieve through it. Grammarly, a software company which was totally self-funded as a startup with the help of artificial intelligence and natural language processing, has managed to become a billion dollar company. It helps people improve the substance, impact and style of writing. It helps you check for several types of errors :

Grammar and punctuation – It detects grammatical and punctuation errors and provides real time suggestions to correct those errors.

Spell check – It is a writing tool that detects spelling errors as well to keep your writing mistake free.

Plagiarism – Not only is it a platform that improves your way of writing and the presentation of your writeup but it is also a plagiarism checker that compares your article to billions of webpages across the internet.

Writing style – Unlike Microsoft, it does not just detect petty spelling errors. It helps you improve your writing style by providing real time insights about your readability score, sentence length, etc. Through Grammarly and its real time suggestions, you can make your content look more appealing and presentable.

At present, a company that started as a self-funded company has been able to raise over $200 million investment led by General Catalyst valued at more than $1billion.

With millions of active users on a daily basis, it has a huge user base with an unstoppable increasing rate.

Timeline :

2002plagiarism checker
2008founded Grammarly
2010thousands of students and 250+ universities
2014launched plugins for Microsoft and outlook
2015launched browser extensions for google and safari
 2016launched free browser extension for Firefox
2017raised $110 million fund for the first time at $1.3 billion valuation
2019raised another $90 million

The original Grammarly product was an editor where you could paste text into. Grammarly initially focused on educational institutions, universities and students. Between 2008 and 2011, Grammarly counted 300000+ users and 250+ universities. In 2012, they began investing in social channels like Facebook and Twitter. After one year, they were tweaking their landing page which said “ The World’s Best Grammar Checker. “ In 2014, Grammarly took its product to the consumers as it launched plugins for Microsoft and Outlook so that the users could use Grammarly grammar checker and plagiarism checker technology directly in MS Word and Outlook. In 2015 and 2016, browser extensions made sure that they reduced the user’s issue to write somewhere and use a grammar and plagiarism checker somewhere else. Now, it was all at the same place. Also, 2015 marked the transition of Grammarly into a freemium business model. Post google chrome and other browser extension, it had millions of users and it witnessed investment for the first time in the form of 110$ million led by General Catalyst in 2017 and another 90$ million in 2019.


Differentiating factors :

Ultimate Guidance :

Grammarly is not an automated grammar checker. This software functions as aproofreader. It does not just correct your grammar and spelling but also suggests ways to improve your style of writing. Grammarly will alert you when you use the same word a little too frequently or when your sentences is a run-on. Every document you upload or write it to the Grammarly editor, you will get a score of your piece of writing. Correcting the mistakes one by one you could see your content score increasing. Grammarly insights also let you know about the average sentence length, syllable, etc.

Website plug-ins

The downloadable plug-in does grammar and spelling check however, with atwist i.e., instead of copying and pasting it on Grammarly, it does it for you at the moment. It does not just apply to emails but any bodies of text you might be writing on the internet such as commenting on a blog or updating your Facebook status. If you find yourself typing out ideas through your mobile devices, Grammarly has released Android and IOS keyboards for writers who are on the go. Similar to the website plug-in this keyboard will catch spelling or grammar errors for all types of mediums such as social media or text messages. Based on your device, you can download the appropriate version and you are ready to revamp your writing.

What gives Grammarly an edge over its competitors ?

Native app for Mac

Grammarly tends to render its services to everyone whether you use Windows or Mac. Therefore , it has a native app for Mac as well whereas writing tools like ginger software do not have a native app for Mac users.

Unlimited checks

Grammarly editor does not have any restrictions on the number of words or content length for checks. Even in its free version, there is no limitation upon the number of checks, it offers unlimited checks but with certain features available only in premium version whereas most of the writing tools have restrictions on the number of words or content length that can be run through the checker at one point of time so you have to split up your document and perform multiple checks.

Browser compatibility

The software gets you add-on or browser extensions for most of the browsers we use commonly. It includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc. while

other writing tools may provide add-ons for a few browsers, Grammarly provides its services on a greater number of platforms.

Writing style checks

with its AI powered algorithm, Grammarly is smarter than other writing tools when it comes to understanding your style of writing and offer genre specific writing style checks.

Grammarly EDU

Grammarly offers a specific version for academic users in the name of Grammarly EDU. The service is trusted by more than 1000 educational institutions. Grammarly checks for around 250+ grammar errors, helping any level of expertise writers. And it integrates with MS Office, and browsers to make it available for all platforms.


you can access Grammarly’s free or premium version whereas many writing tools do not provide services free of cost. However, there are certain features that are available only in premium version.

This is a premium customers’ report which reflects that they improve their English writing skills impeccably.

Grammarly vs Microsoft

Social media – There is no denying that social media is a very important part of us today. With browser extensions and keyboards for phones, Grammarly defeats MS Word miserably when it comes to application of their services.

Slick checks – MS Word does petty spelling and grammar checks whereas Grammarly examines the body of text more deeply and detects any type of punctuation errors like comma splices, omission of punctuation marks, apostrophe missing, or anything.

Content score – While Grammarly gives a score to your content and suggests corrections to improve the score as well as to improve the writing style, MS Word can simply correct the common grammatical and spelling mistakes.

SpellBoy is a spell and grammar check app available on the Microsoft store which again is limited to its platform whereas Grammarly has capitalised on every platform where users exist. It is all over the internet, it’s just like having a virtual proofreader ready to correct your English writing whenever you write irrespective of where you write.

Marketing Strategies of Grammarly:

Content marketing

The most prominent marketing strategy of Grammarly is content writing. They have added a CTA ( Call to Action ) button labelled “Get Grammarly” on the top right corner of the website that leads you to the download page for their plug-in. According to a report by HubSpot, 82% of the marketers who blog get positive ROI. Grammarly have a blog post that consists of over 2000 blogs.

Social media

Grammarly generates a major part of its consumer base form social media. Its Facebook page which has over 7 million followers and its Instagram page which has 243000 followers show very little content about their actual services. They create content that is appealing to their audience. Grammarly is regular with tweets and answers on Quora. A very effective application of Grammarly is that its plug-in functions with WhatsappWeb as well. Youtube shows the best traffic returns for Grammarly. Their ads show the usefulness of their tool, using everyday situations and clips of their consumers giving reviews about their services. Adding a CTA into the videos boosts traffic to their download page as well.

SEO – Grammarly has been proficient at SEO and generates a deal of consumers from Google and other web browsers. Following are the details that reflect the SEO performance of Grammarly :

 On page SEO score82
 Organic keywords948,684
 Organic monthly traffic9,017,067
 Domain authority 77
 Page authority68

What next for Grammarly?

One drawback of Grammarly that gives some of its competitors an edge over itself is that it is confined to one language. It provides spelling and grammar check services for English writing only. If Grammarly expands its business model to render the same services for different languages, its market capitalisation can reach new heights. With the vast amount of funds at hand, do you think Grammarly will diversify its business model ?

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