A perfume when you spray that costs more than Rs 2 lakh a 100ml bottle, gold particles spray out with its heady, lingering whiffs. The gold flakes in it apparently, are the best precious of the materials used; others being the best oils from around the world and no chemicals. Indie Perfumes like Roja Haute Luxe by Roja Dove that spray gold aren’t familiar names that a lot of people will know of, or use. But for the aficionados, luxury perfumes are the new must-haves, and the market is steadily climbing up.

luxury perfume bottle production cost

Many may not have heard also of Elysium, Rose Atlantic, Sahraa Oud and 24 Old Bond Street Triple Extract and Creed Aventus but collectors of unique scents are all over these perfumes. And some stock over 800 bottles in their “perfume wardrobes”. These can cost Rs 10000 to Rs 2.5 lakh for a 100ml creation.

Most of the people at airports, when time is limited and most people want to spend their left-over currency and never end up exploring what real ‘perfume’ are. But with newer and newer segment of global boutique brands making inroads into the sector of fragrance, business and competition are hotting up.

British brand The House of Creed does not advertise their products. Its perfumes have limited production because of their natural ingredients. They don’t over produce and work with natural products only.

Existing Market Trends

The business in India is expected to grow 25% year-on-year as per the statement by Erwin Creed, a seventh-generation perfumer of The House of Creed.

In Dubai, the company had 70 points of sale, but it decided to close 85% of those to reduce the growth to 8% a year globally even as it expanded to new markets. Storefronts for luxury perfumes are limited though.

One such exclusive specialised scent store is Scentido, which houses boutique perfume brands from around the world. Most of the nice perfumes sold out of boutiques and made in distilleries are far superior, rare quality and hard to source.

These boutiques use higher concentrations of perfume, natural ingredients like lavender or flower extracts, oud oils and other rare ingredients to make them exclusive luxury perfumes. In fact, most luxury perfumes brands spend a lot more money in their R&D sector in developing such perfumes, making far higher, exclusive and rarer-to-find products. Today many new retailers are also entering the scene seeing the trend as fragrance itself is luxury and these perfumes take that one step further.