One can find great rhetoric when it comes to over hyping a particular nation called the United States of America (USA). And it is justified too. For it was precisely this nation which witnessed the world’s first revolution. Once tempted by war, they have now been disciplined by an extremely hard and bitter peace. And now it is the Land of Opportunities.

Dreams, hopes, aspirations, they say, come true in this nation.

Nations of the world are known to be envious of America’s abundance.

United States
Caption: Statue of Liberty with the national flag of the United States of America

However this pandemic, we could witness another side to the great United States of America, which left us shocked and bewildered.

1.USA tried blocking and reducing trade for Canada

3M is one of the major manufacturers of N-95 masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 3M has said that President of United States Donald Trump had asked them to stop supplies to Canada and Latin America. They had invoked an absolutely outdated, though valid,  a Korean era Defence Production Act to hit back at this company and force them to comply. Orders from FEMA, which is the Federal Emergency Management Agency has to be 3M’s priority now and they also have to import respirators form its overseas factories back to the US. It is imperative at this juncture to note that Canada does not domestically produce any maks and might have to face consequences which humanity does not deserve.

2.The Island Nation of Cuba faces United States brutality

There has been a US economic blockade since the Revolutionary days except for food and  medical supplies. However, USA blocked a shipment of vital medical aid from China. Washington DC took this opportunity to “strangle the Cuban Revolution.” amidst the COVID-19. President Miguel Canel-Diaz very furiously stated that –

“Cuba denounces the fact that medical supplies from Alibaba Foundation to help combat COVID-19 have not arrived in the country due to the criminal US blockade against the island nation”.

 Records suggest that Jack Ma had donated 400,000 rapid diagnostic kits, two million masks, and 104 ventilators to 24 countries to fight the pandemic. Helms-Burton Act has made things excruciatingly difficult for Cuba in this time of the pandemic. Nonetheless, Cuba still seems undeterred in its pursuit of providing medical expertise to all the countries irrespective of colour, wealth, or creed. Cuban medical teams have been sent even to countries like Italy which have been one of the worst-hit nations. The Cuban Government also allowed the British cruise ship, MS Braemar, to dock in Havana when many other countries had refused in fear of the spread of the Wuhan Virus. It has also made its anti-viral drug Interferon Alfa-2b available to nations around the world to help in the treatment of patients infected with COVID-19.

The United States of America probably needs to learn a thing or two about humanitarianism from Cuba. Many US citizens, estimates suggest more than 15,000, have signed a petition to lift the sanction on Cuba. If you too stand with the Cuban people and believe that the embargo should be lifted, then you can also pledge your solidarity by clicking on the following link and filling the due required empty spaces in the form.

3.Germany accuses The States of committing “Modern Piracy”

There is a plethora of complaints and grudges against the Trump administration in how they have handled the outbreak in their nation. Germany is just another addition to the non – exhaustive list. The Interior Minister for the Berlin State has accused the United States of having committed “Modern Piracy” after they diverted a shipment containing 200,000 N95 masks which was coming all the way from Thailand for the German Police force. The United States of America should have respect for international trading rules at all times.

As this COVID-19 pandemic worsens, panicked governments have resorted to questionable means and methods to acquire medical supplies. Strategies have ranged from sending Special agents, Black Ops or spies on secret missions to find tests and vaccines to directly blocking exports of medical supplies. But no other nation has acted on its selfish needs as much as the USA has done by purposely defying International Laws and Statutes.

It is a health emergency for the United States of America as much as it is for France, USA and Cuba. The Trump Administration fails to understand that the globe is at threat and their behaviour can do more harm than good.

Washington has gone to desperate lengths to smear international solidarity relief efforts as it struggles to support its own citizens and health workers.

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