China will soon have a great loss in its business fields. The SOX Act of 2002 has been delisting most of the Chinese firms from its stock market. The estimated 38 firms have been delisted from the SOX Act 2002, like Baidu, Bilibili, Alibaba, etc. There were many reasons for US’s decisive decision. Corona Virus had hit US widely and due to this US has it’s great loss on its economy.

Sino-US business related relations due to the SOX Act of 2002

Chinese has huge things which they are in a target to export to the US to earn a high amount of capital. With the involvement in the SOX Act of 2002, they are having equal shares with the USA in the American Stock Market. Due to the unprecedented turmoil, US demanded to delist Chinese Firm from the SOX Act of 2002. U.S President Donald Trump’s administration is finally desired to have an ideal settlement for this issue. The relation between them lead to escalating tensions and throw many of China’s largest companies into chaos. Still, it is unclear how delistings will happen but the notion is a part of a broader effort to restrict U.S. investment in Chinese companies.

mention the U.S Trade manufacture with China and Hong Kong
The above graph mention the U.S Trade manufacture with China and Hong Kong. (Source- Google Picture)

Market members stated that forced delisting on this scale would be unpredictable. As of Mid February, more than 150 Chinese firms have been enrolled on the Nasdaq, New York Stock Exchange and NYSE American exchange for small-cap firms. Some of those enrollments are giants. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd(BABA.N), Baidu Inc(BIDU.O) and Inc(JD.O) have a cumulated capitalizing market of more than $500 billion. Some prestigious earlier companies like oil giant(PTR.N) and Chinese Life Insurance also have U.S Act of SOX listing. Wall Street is ideal for Chinese business because it gives US easier access to Chinese stocks. But the one significant fact arises that more than 100 Chinese companies are not being permitted to allow third-party audits for its capitals.U.S President Trump successfully arranged to get a $50 billion Federal employees pension fund to put an end to cancel investments in mainland China-listed companies. As it is mentioned in the above that the SOX ACT becomes answerable to executions of many frauds like Enron. President Trump is looking for very strong requirement of Chinese companies to follow the SOX Act. He predicted Chinese firms like Alibaba would either move to London or Hong Kong exchanges instead.

Recent business structure of Chinese exports in USA

The recent Luckin’ Coffee accounting scandal was first reported by investments research firm Muddy Waters, this is an accurate example of the methods of burning of Wall Street by some overcooked books in China. Luckin’ Coffee shares have been declined from trading on the Nasdaq after deteriorating over 80% once the Muddy Waters Report came out. Luckin’ Coffee’s board terminated its CEO and COO due to the scandal, despite their having fixed innocence. It is ambiguous that the way Trump enforcing Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) rules on China, exchanges without being SOX regression. Section 404 of the Act needs both executive management and auditors to file on the adequacy of the firm’s books, that is Chinese authorities tell the SEC about the confidential information.

The SEC and the PCAOB have sought planned decisions with Chinese officials and regulations over the years, emphasizing on the significance of investor protection and the quality of financial reporting and audit services. Even though with the inputs of immense efforts SEC has not made much development.

Over the last eighteen years, some Chinese companies have quit from the lists of SOX ACT due to the allegations of being frauds. According to China, President Trump has been wrongly examined Chinese companies’ implementation towards U.S capital markets. However, according to the Republican Senator Marco Rubio, China wanted to escape from the punishable offences and cleared out that if Chinese companies want the accessibility of U.S market then China must need to accommodate with American laws and regulations for financial transparency snd accountability.

IPO bankers expect that the presence of hurdles will be created in making the new Chinese listings in the United States as companies, conveyors and investors wait for more clarifications. Some are waiting for upcoming elections of 2020 to see whether Trump get back or not.

If the proposal made any kind of development in the support of delisting Chinese firms then almost all listed Chinese companies have to find another way to buy out shareholders. One option would be the secondary enrollment elsewhere and providing investors new shares in exchange for the U.S stocks, said an equity capital market banker. This plan would be taken as a risk chance for declining the shares of the market and make a huge loss for the investors and the companies.

The graph explains the way to direct the Chinese stocks after the consequences of Washington’s action against Chinese companies.
The graph explains the way to direct the Chinese stocks after the consequences of Washington’s action against Chinese companies.( Source- Google Picture)

Individuals delisting are not unconventional. Companies may privately take themselves or move to other exchanges, while bourses likely move on a regular basis to erase listings that demote to comply with requirements. However, forced delistings for geopolitical reasons would be very unusual.

Current US President’s frank statement towards China’s indulgence in America

President Trump made a huge and decisive announcement that the investment company of BlackRock( a large investment American company settled in New York) would need to take an immediate step or approach towards China either they have to be in extensive government supervision.

The amount of balance of  US-China trade
The amount of balance of  US-China trade ( courtesy – Google Picture)

On May 12 of this year, the Chairman and CEO of BlackRock has received a letter from National Legal and Policy Centre and from there BlackRock has been asked by them to eradicate any kind of deal with 137 of Chinese companies. The company wanted an explanation for the huge expansion of COVID 19 from China. As US politics has a self-created clarified belief that China wanted to diminish the American economy through the man-made virus(as Trump and his followers believed that this virus is formed in a laboratory.)

The following graphs are mentioning the density of relations between US and China –

The density of the trade relations between US and China
The density of the trade relations between US and China (sources- Google picture)

The Main motto of SOX Act

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 is applied in US business to examine the transparency in any business corporation. Numerous foreign companies especially those who collaborated with the American stock market enjoy the privilege of holding the acknowledgement of public firms.

China plays an important role in the American stock market. With the compilation between China and America, the stock market has earned huge profits.

However, in recent days, there has been turmoil going on between USA and China. The exact cause has still been unknown but many market analyst, as well as political analyst, suggests different causes for the turmoil. According to them, both countries are confronted with each other for the hegemony of several areas as well as also for desired to be placed in the first position in business ranking. Others suggest that due to the immense expansion of COVID-19 since based upon the US believe that the spreading of COVID 19 is China’s pre-planned conspiracy to disrupt Americans. These suggestions all rely upon perspective respectively.