Money from war or its happening or not happening never mattered. Everything that happens in the world today has three aspects to it : 

  1. Economical 
  2. Social 
  3. Environmental 

Today we are going to look into the first aspect of WAR. 

Approximately a year back on 14 Feb 2019, Pakistani Terror organization attacked the bus transporting Indian troops, killing all the troops on the bus in a suicide bombing in Pulwama, Kashmir Valley. On this day Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi made a statement that India will take revenge with interest. And they did, Indian fighter jets crossed the LoC and dropped bombs on a terrorist Launch Pads of the Jaish-e-Mohammed located near Balakot town in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.

But there is a lesser-known fact that the bombs that were used at the drop site. They were purchased from Israel. This is the miniature version of how the money is made when two countries are at war. 

Do you recall on 3 January 2020, POTUS said that a United States drone strike near the Baghdad International Airport killed Iranian major general Qasem Soleimani of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

This story became the song that everybody was singing. And everyone started to comment on the matter and being Donal Trump he directly escalated the matter to war.

tweet by donald trump on world war 3

(Image: Twitter)

The Sharemarket

Lockheed Martin

And he made sure that everyone that the US was ready to be at war with Iran. And on this day the stock price of the world’s largest arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin’s share price grew to $412.99 (Yahoo Finance). And since that day it has grown and touched its all-time high of $427.54.


(Image: Apple Stock)

It is not limited to Lockheed Martin there are many alike.


In the case of Raytheon, the company was grappling to confer a better graph but as soon as the news divulged about the possible war, the graph just spiked up and set to hit an all-time high.


(Image: Apple Stock)


In the case of Boeing, the company is going under a lot of pressure and scrutiny due to its alleged malpractice or practices in the case of Boeing 737. Its been grounded for quite a few times now due to which company is suffering a lot. The day after the news broke out about war company saw its first big spike in months of downfall. 

the boeing company shareprice INFLUENCE FROM WAR

(Image: Apple Stocks)

There are many companies that you might never know about made arms and ammunition like :


Airbus is known to make Airbus A380, which is the biggest aircraft in the world right now and know to be the most luxurious one too. But they don’t want you to concentrate on things like they make an enormous quantity of cash from the Defence sector.

Top 10 Arms and Ammunition makers for wars and armies are :

1 🇺🇸Lockheed Martin 44.9 88%
2 🇺🇸 Boeing 26.9 29%
3 🇺🇸Raytheon 23.8 94%
4 🇬🇧 BAE Systems 22.9 98%
5 🇺🇸Northrop Grumman 22.3 87%
6 🇺🇸General Dynamics 19.4 63%
7 🇪🇺Airbus 11.2 15%
8 🇫🇷 Thales Group 9.0 51%
9 🇮🇹Leonardo 8.8 68%
10 🇷🇺Almaz-Antey 8.5 94%

(Source : Anonymous)

But these are just the Corporations, some nations have a higher budget to buy weapons but a pitifuller budget for education like India is a prime example of a country which spends more on buying a weapon and less on the education of its youth.


Top 10 importers of weapons in wars are :

1 Saudi Arabia $3.81B
2 Australia $1.57B
3 China $1.56B
4  India $1.53B
5 Egypt $1.48B
6 Algeria $1.32B
7 South Korea $1.31B
8 United Arab Emirates (UAE) $1.1B
9 Qatar $816M
10 Pakistan $777M

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Word Of Advice :

If you ever wish to make money from war just keep on reading the news. And look for some keywords like Donald Trump, South Korea, North Korea, India, Pakistan, etc will suffice you to invest in the stocks of these conglomerate. Like this you can make money of the war without directly getting your hands dirty.